Dont Sell Yourself Short Dont Sell Yourself Short
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Learn the "How To's For Top Performance"

The Book’s  “25 How To’s:”

Our mission is “NOT to tell you WHAT to do, BUT to instruct you on HOW to do it.”  In addition to giving you proven techniques, we have developed 25 Tutorials constructed to maximize your TALENT ROI. You’ll learn:

  1. Five Steps to developing your own Talent Development Plan
  2. A Component to Army Team Building – built on a Common Language – You’ll learn a whole new Workplace Language …Action-Based and Fun!
  3. The Success Formula … for ANY Job!
  4. A Strategy for Communicating your Value to the Organization
  5. Having access to your own Mood Meter
  6. Job Seeker Strategies …Traditional approaches are of little help!
  7. Make EVERY Coaching Session a Springboard to Improvement
  8. Giving Praise … Right Way/Wrong Way
  9. Preparing for Success in any Job  … Day One
  10. Being a Successful, Contributing Member of a Work Team
  11. How you can acquire Power in any organization
  12. Construct a useable Personal Can-Do Strategy for Goal Achievement
  13. Be-Know-Do -- An Army Principle that can make you all that you can be
  14. How Ethical Business People can be Guided by the Army’s Seven Values
  15. Getting your Best Performance out of yourself – Work’s Bottom Line
  16. How to acquire the MINDSET required for Positive Performance
  17. The VALUES required for Positive Performance
  18. Motivation – Being “PUMPED, PIPED STOKED AND WIRED.” 
    Setting Your Hair on Fire!
  19. Are you MOTIVATING your people, or just MOVING them?
  20. Components of INNER STRENGTH.   How Strong are you?
  21. Putting yourself “in the Zone” and Staying There
  22. Interpersonal Skills for Success in the Workplace
  23. A Negotiations Primer to Help you to get what you want
  24. Managing Conflict --  “The Workplace Warrior”
  25. Becoming a “Wired Employee” – A Technology Primer

Don't Sell Yourself Short...Be All That You Can Be!
by Steve Carroll & Jim Gill

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