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Organizational Talent Development

Organization Talent DevelopmentTo:  The Organization Leader

 You are now part of a Global Competition.  Every job is competable; for you to elevate your organization to the lofty position where you’re head and shoulders above your competition, you need to maximize your advantage in the Global Search for Top Talent.  

You’ll learn from one of one of the U.S.’s top global consultants and a true leader from the military; the “military industrial complex” has never looked better.  And neither will you! 

Together, they will help you to create at atmosphere of Performance Improvement.  It starts with the “Audit of Organizational Readiness” and climaxes with a complete Performance Improvement system delivered via a comprehensive Web 2.0 interconnection of webinars, online courseware, blogs, and virtual meetings.

The entire process is called Talent Management, and it aces the tired, ol’ management initiatives like Strategic Planning, MBOs, and Six Sigma, which foster an internal, micro-based short-sighted view – it’s the Wrong Way.

The Right Way can be summed up by the Old Coach: 
It’s not about the X’s and the O’s.  It’s about the Jimmy and the Joes.


Help each and every individual in your Organization to be all that they can be.

By enhancing your ability to transfer knowledge of "What Works", you will gain your employees’ respect as  "Problem-Solver . . . Team Builder . . . Coach!"



Don't Sell Yourself Short...Be All That You Can Be!
by Steve Carroll & Jim Gill

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