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Leaders are made … by their Followers

Concepts in Followship

CHAPTER 1   Why New Employees Fail13
          Don’t Let it Happen to You – Success from the Get-Go

•  Basic Training:  The Transformation of a Young Person into a Soldier
•  Your Transition – from a Rookie to a Productive Employee
•  Why New Employees Fail – a Manager’s “Excuses vs. Fact” exercise
    Example:  “Failed to listen” vs. “Never knew what to listen for”
•  The Value of “Job Fit” – How you can Fit into the Organization
•  The Talent Management Solution
•  Coaching for Excellence
•  Attributes of a Top Performer

  GLOSSARY - ARMY LINGO                                                                           31
  Learning a Whole New Workplace Language                                                                                                                        

 CHAPTER 2   How New Employees Can Excel                                                     34 
            Getting Your Head on Straight

•  Overcoming the Fear of Failure
•  Enthusiasm or Excitement? – The proper Workplace Attitude
•  Overcoming the Reluctance to Change
•  Communicating your Value to the Organization
•  Constructing a CONFIDENT Mental Attitude
•  Mood is a Weather Report; what you want is Motivation


CHAPTER 3   Good, Better, Best                                                                            48
           Keys to Continuous Improvement

•   Don’t let Coaches cop an attitude – setting the Mood – Right Way/Wrong Way
•   The Coaching Session – your best Chance for Improvement
•   Becoming a Proactive Coachee
•   The Ten Nevers of Coaching – debunking the “One Minute Manager”
•   Types of Praise


“Who’s Your Daddy?”

  CHAPTER 4Who’s Got Your Back?                                                         62            
           The Organization – For you or against you?

•   Are you just a Number?
•   Organizational Readiness – Roadblock or Facilitation?
•   Preparing for Success in the New Economy Organization
•   Team Building
•   Hail to the Committee!  - NOT!
•   The Company’s role in the Motivational Climate
           Team Spirit   Group Identification  Commitment to Mission Statement
•   The Military Leadership Principle - the Leader’s proper role in Motivation                                 
•   Organizational Directions – taking you where you want to go

  CHAPTER 5     The Use and Abuse of Corporate Power                         79
           Management gets the Golden Parachutes, But We make the Jumps    

•   Charisma  - a rare Gift
•   Knowledge – “I know more than you”
•   Position – Rank, Titles, and Arrogance
•   Reward – Carrots taste awful by themselves
•   Approve or Disapprove – “I’m OK, and you’re NOT!”
•   Authority – “Be good, and I’ll make your life easier”
•   How you can become Powerful

 CHAPTER 6   Constructing a Personal Brand                                                        88
           Building Blocks for a Personal Strategic Plan

•   Benefits of a Personal Strategic Plan
•   Blueprint for a Strategic Plan
•   Situation Assessment – where you are now
•   Personal Goals – where do I want to be
•   D – P – T – N – L  The Lee DuBois Formula for Goal Achievement
•   Gap Identification – between “where I am now” > “where I want to be”
•   Action Plans – what I need to do to get there
•   Monitor and Feedback Systems – am I getting it done?



“Be All That You Can Be!”

 CHAPTER 7   Be > Know> Do                                                                                 102
            Army’s Principles for “The Best Professional”

•   PART I  Doing it           
•   PART II  Doing it right
•   Mission Essential Task List  
•   Be – Know – Do . . . An Army Principle of Leadership
•   Task – Condition – Standard
•   PART III  Doing the right thing
•   Workplace Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage

 CHAPTER 8 Performance                                                                                     116
            Work’s Bottom Line

•   “What are you paid to do?”
•   Subjective Evaluations of Performance – difficult to quantify
•   Objective Evaluations of Performance —
           “They’ll know when you’re good”
•   Steps to Positive Performance 
•   Mindsets required for Positive Performance 
•   Values required for Ethical Positive Performance
•   Why Attempts at Performance Improvement Fail

  CHAPTER 9   Motivating Yourself                                                                         127
             Setting your Hair on Fire

•   Motivators and Satisfiers – Top 10 and the Bottom 20
•   Gurus? Fuhgettaboutit!  What the Real Experts Say About Motivation
•   The REAL Job Motivators
           Achievement                       Advancement                      Recognition
               Appreciation of Contribution          Responsibility    
•   The REAL Job Dissatisfiers
           Company Policy                                Supervision                         Relationship with Boss
           Work Conditions                               Earnings                              Peer Relationships
           Personal Life                                     Status                                   Security
•   Can You be Motivated? – Movement versus Motivation
•   Looking Inside Yourself
•   Putting Yourself “In the Zone”
•   In the Mood


  CHAPTER 10People Skills for the Workplace Soldier                                      140
            Be All That You Can Be

•   Sincere Complimenting
•   Listening and Learning
•   Using Tact – “The Softest Touch”
•   Getting Along with the Young Soldier/ the Senior Soldier
•   The “Science” of Negotiation
•   Managing Conflict – “The Workplace Warrior”
     Empathy as a Weapon        Conflict Profiles                Conflict Resolution
•   The People Person Test

  CHAPTER 11   e-dapting to the New Economy                                                     157
            The Future of Work

•   Being a “Wired” Employee
•   The Virtual Classroom
•   The Future of e-Learning
•   Organizational Talent Management
•   Individual Talent Management

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