Dont Sell Yourself Short Dont Sell Yourself Short Dont Sell Yourself Short Dont Sell Yourself Short
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" It’s a lively mix, and the book is helpful and entertaining.  The underlying message is valuable to any employee. read more" - Kirkus Book Review


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The hunt for talent has evolved into a Global Search. For you to compete, you must know your current talents, your possibilities for growth, and flame your burning desire to begin the quest to BE ALL THAT YOU CAN BE.

It starts with SELF. Self respect, self esteem, self worth, self image, self affirmation, self confidence, self talk -- alloffset your most dangerous disease - self doubt.

Arm your personal arsenal with a renewed commitment to upgrading your attitude, your habits, your skills and knowledge. And we're gonna help you!

You'll learn how to exert your own power, your own influence. You'll stand apart as a member of a successful team. When praise is given out, you'll be the key recipient.

You'll learn a whole new language. It's an action-based, results-driven way of speaking that will catch on in your workplace and with the kids. So get off your fourth point of contact and get ready to take notes. Are you trackin'?

More importantly, you'll learn how to motivate yourself. You'll learn the lifestyle of a self-starter and how to monitor your mood with your own MOOD METER.

You'll discover the secret of the "BE-KNOW-DO" strategic approach to work and leadership. But remember, above all - YOU are the leader of yourself!

That says it all. Coaches are nearly non-existent and it is "You, Inc" who must make it happen - it's up to you! Read and absorb this book - go to our website ( and begin to maximize your talent and performance.

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Don't Sell Yourself Short...Be All That You Can Be!
by Steve Carroll & Jim Gill

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